Unique Datafeed Content

There’s a problem with datafeed affiliate sites – at least it is a problem if you want your sites to stand out from all of the competition – duplicate content.

Who do you think will rank higher in the search engines for specific terms that you might find in your datafeed? Probably the merchant. If this happens, then your site is less likely to get the click that gets the affiliate sale.

So what to do, what to do – let me think. Hmm.

Let’s get a little creative with what the merchant gives us, shall we.

Here’s an example entry that we can use from the affiliate’s datafeed.

affiliate datafeed

I was planning on using the second line, the one that says “American Beech” as the title. What is to stop me from also adding the word “Tree” found on the 12th line down to the title. Nothing really. I can make the affiliate script combine portions of the datafeed and mash it up to create a new title. Pretty cool, huh!

Or how about this idea.

Instead of using the “Dahlia – Dinnerplate – Magic Sunrise” as the title, why not (1) get rid of the dash (-) and also rearrange the words to read “Magic Sunrise Dahlia Dinnerplate”? I can already see the PHP code to do that.

rearrange datafeed

Want in on a big secret – on how I am going to make each site affiliate datafeed site that I create unique?

What secret little piece of PHP code that I have planned for making certain that no matter what, each site I build is not identical to any other site.

Ready? Here it is … modulus.

I’ll explain later 🙂

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