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Video Site Map – Use this to create a video site map to the exact specifications for Google video sitemaps. This works for YouTube, EasyVideoPlayer, EZS3, and any video in flv, mov, wmv, mp4, etc. format. If there is a particular format you would like to know about, just drop a comment and I’ll see about adding the capability. You can find more information about what Google video sitemaps include, how the EasyVideoPlayer video sitemap generator, EZS3 video sitemap generator, and Camtasia and YouTube work by clicking the appropriate links.

Spinner – Very simple article spinner. You provide content in spinable format, ex – {A|{B|C}|D|etc.}, click the Submit and receive back a spun version of your article. Nested spinning is supported.

Word wrap – Format your content to wrap after a certain number of characters. You specify the number of characters and the script will truncate each line to no more than that number. Will NOT break words. Breaks on white space.

Mobile Squeeze Page – Basic mobile squeeze page generator >> visit MobiLovesMe.

PPV URL Expander – Increases the urls available based on a seed url.

Youtube Embed Player Parameters – Customize your Youtube embed code.

Clickbank Redirect – Creates a script to redirect Clickbank visitors based on the information found here.

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