The Truth About Mobile Monopoly

The truth, nothing but MY truth, so help me.

I admit it, I bought Mobile Monopoly.

Two images on the sales page seduced me.

Just two.

That’s all I needed to click on the “Add to Cart” button.

They even have video identification features.

The first image is 22,312 subscribers at Aweber.

Mobile Monopoly

Very cool.

I noticed that the “today” column showed over 2000 subscribers added for today.

Does that get you excited?  It did for me.

Who doesn’t want 2000+ subscribers a day.

If you look closely at the image and use a little common sense you might not be as impressed.


22,312 subscribers includes almost 5,000 unsubscribes.

Really you are talking about 17,327 real subscribers.

Sure, 17,327 subscribers is nothing to sneeze at.

But, kind of stops and makes you wonder about the “facts” being presented.

I started by saying this is MY truth about Mobile Monopoly.

Let me share some results to date with you.

Using the Mobile Optimized Squeeze Page module , I have generated:

– 1,053,075 mobile impressions

– 1,814 clicks

– 35 subscribers to my Aweber email list (was 44, 9 have unsubscribed)

– emailed that list once, and 0 sales


Ad spend is $105.00

What I do have is (1) subscribers and (2) data telling me what does NOT work.

That is valuable.

Is it worth $105?  Not sure – yet.

In the next part of this story, we will dig into the data and see what nuggets of gold we can come up.

I’ll also show you a couple of Google searches you should do before purchasing an online information product.

P.S. – Given the data I have now, the second image from the sales page tells me my results are NOT in line with expectations.




Thanks for sharing this info.

I also considered buying Mobile Monopoly.

I just listened to a webinar last night w/ Gauher Chaudhry and Kim Duchinski. They are releasing their Mobilueprint course. Have you checked into that one yet?



Hi Alan,

You are welcome – more information to follow about Mobile Monopoly.

I have not checked out the product by Gauher Chaudhry and Kim Duchinski.



hey there,

I also did get over 1million impressions, 3000 clicks 30 subscribers. None of them bought the product, but I’ve included a cpa offer as thankyoupage which did work very well.

Out of 10 people that submit their email, I’ve got 8 leads from my cpa offer, which is only 15$.

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