The Ongoing Truth About Mobile Monopoly

Here’s another “truth” I learned.

There’s NOT a lot of Iphones out there. At least not women in the 35+ age group.

admob details

See that group at the top?  Compare the number of impressions with the number of impressions from the next two groups.

The first group is targeting women, 35+ using a Iphone.  The next two groups are women 35+ regardless of the phone.  The first and second campaigns Website ran at exactly the same time.  Huge difference in the number of impressions.

If I really wanted to test this out, I should not target anything besides Iphone – no age, no sex, etc.

Some more truth

There’s a bunch of different screen sizes out there.

screen resolution

For the visitors I received, there are 72 different screen resolutions.

And the kicker.  12.7% have a screen resolution of 640×400.  What’s up with that?

That’s like twice the size of an Iphone (320×480 if I remember correctly).  Doesn’t make sense to me that I would be receiving visitors with a screen resolution that size.

For those who purchase Mobile Monopoly, there is an upsell offer to a mobile squeeze page generator that combines an Aweber signup form with Youtube.  Based on the resolution of the visitors I have received, that generator doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Now to get a little techy …

The HTTP user agent.

Aw hell, I’m not going to even trying to explain it.  But if I am figuring things out correctly, it looks like the people’s mobile devices are a Samsung phone based (sam-r), followed by Cricket (Cricket-A), then Motorola (MOT-A).

HTTP user agent

I guess what I am getting at with this information is I’m surprised.  I *thought* there would be more Iphone users (guess not).  The screen size resolution has me scratching my head.  The next step is to open things up – no restrictions on sex, age, device – anything.  See what is out there.  Figure out where visitors are coming from (I have that info for these campaigns).

Why Did I Buy Mobile Monopoly?

Remember the second image I mentioned previously?  The one “from the sales page tells me my  aclsed results are NOT in line with expectations”.  That second image that got me to buy Mobile Monopoly.

Here it is.

mobile monopoly

$0.01 clicks.

Penny clicks.

So far, I haven’t been able to get those elusive penny clicks.  Wouldn’t that be nice though.

Notice I included the text and image above.  The one that says $51.6k in 6 months … able to do that with clicks that cost just a penny or two.

How come I haven’t made any money after spending $105?

What you should do before purchasing an information product online


Serious.  Google is your friend here.

Do a search for the author’s name in Google and see what you come up with.

Make sure you use the custom date range search.  Set the “To:” date to sometime before the product in question is released.

adam horwitz search

What we are trying to do is cut through the crap – the bogus reviews.

You’ll find out some interesting information.

Next post will have me ripping into the Mobile Monopoly content.  Don’t worry, I won’t give away any of the “secrets”.  I might point out some of the “weaknesses” and what I would like to see.

Until then …




I appreciate your work to reveal your findings on Mobile Monopoly.

If you feel the secrets are of real value, let us know about your opinions on them. Otherwise, I think you will be exposing a lot of weaknesses in this Monopoly info product!

I never did make real cash with my Monopoly game as a kid, only paper money! Perhaps this info product was appropriately named.

Harold Glascock

Dear Dave:
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 3:38pm Yokohama, Japan
I just wanted to compliment you in general re everything you have done on your WP blog.
Your content is to the point, succinct and useful.
Frankly, I am of the opinion that “learning” how to drive traffic to Clickbank products consistently, building a viable WP blog, and mini WP niche sites are the best way to establish a sustainable online business before graduating to mobile endeavors.
To that end, I am somewhat perplexed why you appear to have pulled The Affiliate Black Book offer, if it was/is of real value.
Anyway, I am looking forward to learining more about the ins and outs of why you decided to migrate to AWeber and what you have in store for us over the next 3 to 6 months.
I have an Aweber account but I am struggling with it. I also have purchased a GWA WP autoresponder package at a one time fee.
I feel that it is important to set up tactical cash machines to cover any and all monthly outlays for hosting, autoresponders, memberships and Amazon video hosting as my first priority.
As I understand it Amazon is a pay as you go service so I am nervosus about using it.
As to techncal internet marketing education, I see you as a guiding light.
Therefore I would like to recognize you on my blog under the category: Technical IM Gurus if this meets with your approval.

Arigato/thank you again for the fine quality content you have shared with us.
I wish you and your family all the best in Boise which I believe is also the home of Clickbank?
If so, we should be able to add additional valuable insight on Clickbank’s whys and wherefors as you have started to do. I follow Clickbank engine and related sites and am looking forward to your future posts.

Harold & Yuki
Harold Glascock

Joe Harwood

I have to admit. It is bloody nice to read an honest review of a product for once. Who knew such things existed!

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