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In case you haven’t figured it out, a lot of what I write about here is what I am working on. This post is no exception. I have joined The Keyword Academy. I have gone through a few of the videos, taken notes and done what has been recommended. The video that follows shows a little bit about the program and what I have done to automate some of the work involved. These guys make no bones about it, there is some work to do – from picking the markets to target, selecting the best keywords to target both in terms of most profitable and keywords that have the most chance of success. It is one thing to find a high paying keyword (like mortgage or lose weight), but it is another to find a high paying keyword that you can actually get a site ranked loans Court and Mark give you the exact formula to follow. If you are a DIYer (do it yourself) that wants to boot strap yourself to making money online – these are the keys to the kingdom. If you are willing to put in the time researching the keywords and markets to target, then building the content on WordPress blogs, and building the backlinks needed to rank at the top of Google, then you will get everything you need … and just as important, an explanation why you should do things the way they teach. I spent a good portion of yesterday following the instructions on how to determine if a particular keyword is worth competing for. Most of the high paying keywords are not worth the effort. The good thing about putting in the “grunt work” is that I start to see patterns occur kindly visit.

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