Here’s how you create a Facebook page that gets visitors to take the actions you want them to.

(click here or the image below for an example)

facebook page

What’s not to like about this page.

There is no need for someone to login to their Facebook account to view or more importantly take the action you ultimately want them to (if they decide to “like” the page, they will need to be logged in).

And if you are willing to spend a little money, you can drive targeting vistors to you fancy pancy Facebook page.

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embed youtube facebook
Let’s just cut to the chase here – how do you embed a Youtube video on your Facebook Page?

There are a few assumptions to make – namely, you have a Facebook account (and maybe a Youtube account).

Before you dive too deep into this … you might just head over to the official Facebook Pages page to see what they have to say.

Here’s some example pages:

Kind of boring if you ask me.

Your page, on the other hand, will stand out once you get that Youtube video posted … so here we go.

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Yes, the time has arrived.

Time to use YouTube videos on mobile squeeze pages.

What’s cool about this is it is NOT an app, it is a web page that uses the JqueryMobile scripts  to create the “look and feel” of a mobile phone.  In this case, it works well with the Apple IPhone.

When a visitor taps the Name or Email field, the mobile phone’s keyboard pops up.

When complete, they just click the “Send Me The FREE Report …” button.

Once signed up, they get to view the promised video.

Some Cool Features

Look at the first image – the one with the image that looks a little blurred.  That “blur” was done on purpose.  It indicates that the video isn’t really available – at least not until you signup.

If you look at that same screenshot, there is a link at the bottom “What do goldfish and coffee have in common? Sign …”.

That’s a link to content you provide.

Content that you use to sell your visitor on signing up.  Don’t worry, your visitor is not going anywhere.  On that content page is only one link, the “Back” button.

Second image – the signup.  Easy, peasy.

As soon as your visitor taps any of the input fields (name and email, in this case – you can have as many or as few fields as you like), the built in mobile keyboard pops up.

Third image – what they get.  A video, a YouTube video.  Notice that there is also a link to additional content.  Just like before they signed up, the only link on that content page after signup is back to the video.

About the YouTube videos on your Mobile Squeeze page …

They are setup to NOT autoplay.  Probably more importantly, they don’t show links to other videos which YouTube videos do by default.  Nor do they show more information about the video itself. If you are a new channel on youtube or if you have been on youtube for awhile and want to help grow your channel click here to see how you can buy views on youtube.

Again, the only option (the only real option) is for your newly signed up visitor is the “Done” button which brings them back to your mobile web page.

Here’s an idea

What I have shown you is one way of setting up a mobile squeeze page with a YouTube video.

Here’s a little secret.

The additional content and YouTube video included on the squeeze page are all optional.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to include any content or any Videos.

Or you could have two YouTube videos (one before signup and one after signup).

There are a whole bunch of combinations.

Let me give you some scenarios and see if this gives you some ideas.

Scenario #1

Aweber signup, YouTube video before signup and YouTube video after signup (two different videos), no content either before or after signup.

You are going to rely on the videos to make the “sale”.   The sale being signing up to your mailing list.

You’ll have to create the first video and put it on Youtube.  More than likely you will also want to create the second video.

Make the first video short and sweet.  Make a promise that you fulfill on the second video.

In other words, the first video is a teaser for the second video.  And the only way to see the second video is to …

Scenario #2

Almost totally the opposite of scenario #1.

Let’s say you are an online marketer for local (read “offline”) businesses.

Go with me on this one.

You’re getting your hair cut (or making your daily visit to the local coffee shop up the road in Narabeen – I’m just saying).

Your barber mentions how business has been dropping off.  You mention that you help businesses increase their revenue and profits by marketing online.

Your barber is definitely interested in what you have to say.

Alas, the haircut comes to an end (hopefully your barber was paying more attention to your hair then what you had to say – again, I’m just saying).

Since you don’t carry your laptop everywhere you go, you take out your mobile smartphone and pull up your mobile signup page (that has no videos and no content – straight up autoresponder signup).

Enter your barber’s name and email and tell him that you will send a report out to him right away that has some ideas to help his business (your autoresponder has already sent the report!) and pay him (and include a nice tip).

Scenario #3

… this is your scenario, what do you see possible?

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Lets just say that you want something (an image, a phone number, whatever) to show when someone clicks on a link.

You can do this using the jQuery javascript library in WordPress.

First things first

Make a post in WordPress just like you normally would.

If you are using a more recent version of WordPress (3.0+ as of this writing), then scroll down below the text area and find the Javascript area that looks like this.

Couple things to do here:

1) Tick the box that says jQuery library.

2) Where is says Embed Your Own JavaScript embedded script code (please include <script> tags), add the following (modified from Slicker Show and Hide):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script language="javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
 // toggles the slickbox on clicking the noted link
 $('a#slick-toggle').click(function() {
 return false;

Now, go back up to your post.

Click on the HTML tab

and add the following (this will display a link that when clicked shows a phone number – make the appropriate substitutions).

<p><a href="#" id="slick-toggle">Call</a></p>
<div style="display: none;" id="slickbox">1 800 277 1212</div>

Publish your post and check it out.

Your post should have a link that looks (and acts) like this:


Note, this effect only works on this particular page.

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I know, kind of a weird way to start off by saying something doesn’t work.

Yourls works great for shortening your urls and tracking your clicks and providing details about those clicks.

For some servers, there seems to be a problem when you try to add a url – Yours can’t add urls 🙁

You seem to get the “spinning wheel” that never stops and tells you that the url has been added.

The installation is straightforward (if you understand installing scripts, setting up MySQL datatbases, chmod directories … you know, that kind of stuff).

There Is A Problem

On some servers, certainly not all, Yourls doesn’t seem to work.  It won’t allow you to add a url – sure, it looks like it is working, but it never completes and tells you that the url has been added.

So what’s a person to do?

If you don’t mind hacking around a little bit, then open up your favorite file editor or login to your websites control panel and find the insert.js file that was installed in your Yourl’s js/insert.js file and add a couple of lines of code.

One line 39 add the following code:  newurl = newurl.replace(“http://”, “”);

It should look like this:

You need to do the same thing later in the js (javascript) file, on line 111 add the exact same line of code.

Your Yourls url shortener should now be able to add and delete urls.

I don’t know if you noticed or not …

These “hacks” unfortunately don’t allow you to do one thing that Yourls was designed to do.

And that is, track secure urls, https.

That’s the price you will have to pay with this hack if you are having problems adding urls to yourls.  If you are not using secure urls, then no big deal.

If you are interested in an easier solution, let me know

I was considered knocking out a script that autoinstalls Yourls, however I would like to know if there is even a hint of interest before I go down the rabbit hole.

Use the comment section below to let me know if you are interested.

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The time has come to retire my old AutoResponsePlus email autoresponder (sigh).

And move over to Aweber.

For those of you who move over to Aweber with me, the confirmation page will have a report on how to pre-populate your WordPress blog with your Aweber subscriber’s name – kind of like what you are seeing now .

This is useful information for those of us who segment mailing lists like Andre mentions in ARM 2.0.

Use the form below and don’t wait as this will be a paid product or a bonus for another product soon.



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If you don’t want to read much – here’s the summary.

Mobile Monopoly exaggerates the possibilities without providing enough details.  On the plus side, the mobile squeeze page generator BeastMobi is pretty good.

In a nutshell

The author’s favorite and most lucrative method of mobile marketing is using the Admob platform with a mobile optimized squeeze page targeting IPhone / Droid users (51M phones – not 5 billion) and selling Clickbank products to those people. If you are interested in mobile marketing check out SMS reseller software, which will allow you to send messages to your customers.

For example.

Mobile Monopoly Clickbank

Where I have a problem with this is the math.

If you listen to audio associated with the Clickbank module, the author says:

Let’s say you spend $50 to get those email addresses with the campaign you ran and you made $100 that means you just made a $50 profit.  Now you do that over and over and over that starts to add up.  You see what I am trying to say here?  This is huge.

OK, yes I see what you are trying to say here.

I just don’t believe it.

My experience to date shows that getting those 51M Iphone / Droid (yes, I was just targeting the 35+ Iphone woman) isn’t that easy.

If you don’t mind watching paint dry, then sure, you can get Iphone users to click on your ads.

paint dry

(2 clicks in 16 days doesn’t cut it for me).

Let’s Do Some Math

I have 35 Aweber subscribers from the Admob campaigns I have run to date for one product.  The number of clicks was 1834 at a cost of $105 using a mobile optimized squeeze page.

mobiles queeze

Caveat: Yes, I know.  I am NOT targeting just Iphone/Droid users.  Maybe my results would be better if I just targeted those users (2 clicks, no subscribers in 16 days – I don’t think so).

Each subscriber cost me $3.  So far, the revenue is $0 from one email to each subscriber.

Keep in mind, I am using the author’s favorite and most lucrative method of mobile marketing.

My Suggestion

Adam, why don’t you show a campaign start to finish, A-Z, spare no details.

When you talk about spending 50 bucks and making 100 bucks, ramping it up and this is big … I just don’t get it.  Setup a “sacrifical” campaign for your customers showing the good / the bad / the ugly.


Like I said, this is good.

I’m a fan of automation that makes sense.  And this does.

This script takes your Aweber code, Youtube embed code, optional tracking code (or you can use the tracking code provided), mashes it up and creates a basic mobile optimized squeeze page.


Is it worth $67 / month.

If you are making bank with Mobile Monopoly, hell yes.

If not, no.

The End

I consider Mobile Monopoly and introduction to mobile marketing.  If you don’t know about Aweber and Clickbank and want to know how to signup and use those, the videos are useful.

The introductions to the mobile advertising networks are beneficial if you don’t already know about them.

The key to the whole thing is spelling out in the first Update – split test.

I think I have said enough.

P.S. – I’ll have my own mobile squeeze page generator available soon.  UPDATE: Mobile Video Squeeze page generator available, CLICK HERE

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Here’s another “truth” I learned.

There’s NOT a lot of Iphones out there. At least not women in the 35+ age group.

admob details

See that group at the top?  Compare the number of impressions with the number of impressions from the next two groups.

The first group is targeting women, 35+ using a Iphone.  The next two groups are women 35+ regardless of the phone.  The first and second campaigns Website ran at exactly the same time.  Huge difference in the number of impressions.

If I really wanted to test this out, I should not target anything besides Iphone – no age, no sex, etc.

Some more truth

There’s a bunch of different screen sizes out there.

screen resolution

For the visitors I received, there are 72 different screen resolutions.

And the kicker.  12.7% have a screen resolution of 640×400.  What’s up with that?

That’s like twice the size of an Iphone (320×480 if I remember correctly).  Doesn’t make sense to me that I would be receiving visitors with a screen resolution that size.

For those who purchase Mobile Monopoly, there is an upsell offer to a mobile squeeze page generator that combines an Aweber signup form with Youtube.  Based on the resolution of the visitors I have received, that generator doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Now to get a little techy …

The HTTP user agent.

Aw hell, I’m not going to even trying to explain it.  But if I am figuring things out correctly, it looks like the people’s mobile devices are a Samsung phone based (sam-r), followed by Cricket (Cricket-A), then Motorola (MOT-A).

HTTP user agent

I guess what I am getting at with this information is I’m surprised.  I *thought* there would be more Iphone users (guess not).  The screen size resolution has me scratching my head.  The next step is to open things up – no restrictions on sex, age, device – anything.  See what is out there.  Figure out where visitors are coming from (I have that info for these campaigns).

Why Did I Buy Mobile Monopoly?

Remember the second image I mentioned previously?  The one “from the sales page tells me my  aclsed results are NOT in line with expectations”.  That second image that got me to buy Mobile Monopoly.

Here it is.

mobile monopoly

$0.01 clicks.

Penny clicks.

So far, I haven’t been able to get those elusive penny clicks.  Wouldn’t that be nice though.

Notice I included the text and image above.  The one that says $51.6k in 6 months … able to do that with clicks that cost just a penny or two.

How come I haven’t made any money after spending $105?

What you should do before purchasing an information product online


Serious.  Google is your friend here.

Do a search for the author’s name in Google and see what you come up with.

Make sure you use the custom date range search.  Set the “To:” date to sometime before the product in question is released.

adam horwitz search

What we are trying to do is cut through the crap – the bogus reviews.

You’ll find out some interesting information.

Next post will have me ripping into the Mobile Monopoly content.  Don’t worry, I won’t give away any of the “secrets”.  I might point out some of the “weaknesses” and what I would like to see.

Until then …

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The truth, nothing but MY truth, so help me.

I admit it, I bought Mobile Monopoly.

Two images on the sales page seduced me.

Just two.

That’s all I needed to click on the “Add to Cart” button.

They even have video identification features.

The first image is 22,312 subscribers at Aweber.

Mobile Monopoly

Very cool.

I noticed that the “today” column showed over 2000 subscribers added for today.

Does that get you excited?  It did for me.

Who doesn’t want 2000+ subscribers a day.

If you look closely at the image and use a little common sense you might not be as impressed.


22,312 subscribers includes almost 5,000 unsubscribes.

Really you are talking about 17,327 real subscribers.

Sure, 17,327 subscribers is nothing to sneeze at.

But, kind of stops and makes you wonder about the “facts” being presented.

I started by saying this is MY truth about Mobile Monopoly.

Let me share some results to date with you.

Using the Mobile Optimized Squeeze Page module , I have generated:

– 1,053,075 mobile impressions

– 1,814 clicks

– 35 subscribers to my Aweber email list (was 44, 9 have unsubscribed)

– emailed that list once, and 0 sales


Ad spend is $105.00

What I do have is (1) subscribers and (2) data telling me what does NOT work.

That is valuable.

Is it worth $105?  Not sure – yet.

In the next part of this story, we will dig into the data and see what nuggets of gold we can come up.

I’ll also show you a couple of Google searches you should do before purchasing an online information product.

P.S. – Given the data I have now, the second image from the sales page tells me my results are NOT in line with expectations.

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In this video, I will show you how to save time by being able to download your Clickbank stats instantly for ALL of your Clickbank accounts.

The Salestator script that you install on your site allows you to grab sales stats with the click of the button. You provide your credentials, in this case your Clickbank API info (don’t worry – it won’t hurt) and Salestator goes off and grabs all of your sales stats in csv format for easy analysis in your favorite spreadsheet program.


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