Moving to Aweber

The time has come to retire my old AutoResponsePlus email autoresponder (sigh).

And move over to Aweber.

For those of you who move over to Aweber with me, the confirmation page will have a report on how to pre-populate your WordPress blog with your Aweber subscriber’s name – kind of like what you are seeing now .

This is useful information for those of us who segment mailing lists like Andre mentions in ARM 2.0.

Use the form below and don’t wait as this will be a paid product or a bonus for another product soon.





OK Dave – one for GetResponse now 🙂


This is a great report, I’ve been looking for this for ages, thank you


Good move, Dave!

Thanks for the great APP Report, very powerful!
It would be interesting to learn how you branded the report with my personal information 😉



G’day Dave,
Thanks for your really intimate, personally directed at me email on your impending move. Congratulations. But, I’m a little bit confused. I mean, if I sign on with you, do I move in with you? or….not?….I wasn’t really sure. I mean logistically how does it work? I live here in Oz…you live somewhere over the rainbow…yeah ’bout that move, I just don’t know how the plants would go with another move so soon, not to mention we’re coming into our Summer here… I’m all geared up for warmer weather… you live in place that looks like it should rhyme with Poise but rhymes with Noisy..which only adds to my confusion… And I think I’m actually banned from stepping back onto American soil. I mean, I think a bit of an overreact was going on with your Government officials back then. I only did it for a laugh! You know me, cheap thrills. But I think on this particular occasion it truly was Jack’s fault. He yelled out “HI Mel!” from the back of the plane, so naturally I yelled my greeting back “HI JACK!” …So if you can get me through the Red Tape, then I’m there! With you! 100 per cent! Looking forward to the move…



That’s a pretty slick little trick. I was surprised to see my name pop up on the post.

Keep up the good work.




You’re number one!

I should have thought about this … looks like GetResponse has the same capability as Aweber does with regards to personalization –

How about this?

This is for everyone reading this. If there is someone who is willing to let me access their GetResponse account, I’ll login and figure out how to get this personalization to work for them … and share that information with everyone else who is making the move with me.

Send me a message at




Hi Andy,

You noticed the branded PDF … I think there are some people interested in that capability. Kind of did a “sneak release” by using it for this. I’ll have more about that at a later date.





Between the dogs, cat, wife and kids, I just don’t know where to put you …

By the way, before I forget, your friend Jack says “hi” (notice he isn’t yelling any more).

And you’re absolutely right, the weather is going to hell in a hand basket now. Autumn has firmly grasped the weather and we are paying the price.

Let me think. Victoria, right, that’s were you are? Yes, isn’t that the home of Victoria Bitter. Now about that …

But there is still hope. Here’s my promise, the next posting I make will be just for you. Personalized and everything.




Thanks for the great tip and instructions. Just goes to show you can implement something new everyday and make a huge difference in your business.


What a wonderful tricks you have just shared. I don’t have Aweber but I do need to look into testing it myself in getresponse.
Good luck and please keep sharing your insights with us.

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