Mobile Squeeze Pages With YouTube Videos

Yes, the time has arrived.

Time to use YouTube videos on mobile squeeze pages.

What’s cool about this is it is NOT an app, it is a web page that uses the JqueryMobile scripts  to create the “look and feel” of a mobile phone.  In this case, it works well with the Apple IPhone.

When a visitor taps the Name or Email field, the mobile phone’s keyboard pops up.

When complete, they just click the “Send Me The FREE Report …” button.

Once signed up, they get to view the promised video.

Some Cool Features

Look at the first image – the one with the image that looks a little blurred.  That “blur” was done on purpose.  It indicates that the video isn’t really available – at least not until you signup.

If you look at that same screenshot, there is a link at the bottom “What do goldfish and coffee have in common? Sign …”.

That’s a link to content you provide.

Content that you use to sell your visitor on signing up.  Don’t worry, your visitor is not going anywhere.  On that content page is only one link, the “Back” button.

Second image – the signup.  Easy, peasy.

As soon as your visitor taps any of the input fields (name and email, in this case – you can have as many or as few fields as you like), the built in mobile keyboard pops up.

Third image – what they get.  A video, a YouTube video.  Notice that there is also a link to additional content.  Just like before they signed up, the only link on that content page after signup is back to the video.

About the YouTube videos on your Mobile Squeeze page …

They are setup to NOT autoplay.  Probably more importantly, they don’t show links to other videos which YouTube videos do by default.  Nor do they show more information about the video itself. If you are a new channel on youtube or if you have been on youtube for awhile and want to help grow your channel click here to see how you can buy views on youtube.

Again, the only option (the only real option) is for your newly signed up visitor is the “Done” button which brings them back to your mobile web page.

Here’s an idea

What I have shown you is one way of setting up a mobile squeeze page with a YouTube video.

Here’s a little secret.

The additional content and YouTube video included on the squeeze page are all optional.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to include any content or any Videos.

Or you could have two YouTube videos (one before signup and one after signup).

There are a whole bunch of combinations.

Let me give you some scenarios and see if this gives you some ideas.

Scenario #1

Aweber signup, YouTube video before signup and YouTube video after signup (two different videos), no content either before or after signup.

You are going to rely on the videos to make the “sale”.   The sale being signing up to your mailing list.

You’ll have to create the first video and put it on Youtube.  More than likely you will also want to create the second video.

Make the first video short and sweet.  Make a promise that you fulfill on the second video.

In other words, the first video is a teaser for the second video.  And the only way to see the second video is to …

Scenario #2

Almost totally the opposite of scenario #1.

Let’s say you are an online marketer for local (read “offline”) businesses.

Go with me on this one.

You’re getting your hair cut (or making your daily visit to the local coffee shop up the road in Narabeen – I’m just saying).

Your barber mentions how business has been dropping off.  You mention that you help businesses increase their revenue and profits by marketing online.

Your barber is definitely interested in what you have to say.

Alas, the haircut comes to an end (hopefully your barber was paying more attention to your hair then what you had to say – again, I’m just saying).

Since you don’t carry your laptop everywhere you go, you take out your mobile smartphone and pull up your mobile signup page (that has no videos and no content – straight up autoresponder signup).

Enter your barber’s name and email and tell him that you will send a report out to him right away that has some ideas to help his business (your autoresponder has already sent the report!) and pay him (and include a nice tip).

Scenario #3

… this is your scenario, what do you see possible?



I hope everyone reading this sees the HUGE potential of what you’ve just shown here Dave.



As of now, what I am showing is setup to work with Aweber. I’ll make sure it works for GetResponse 🙂


is this in turn to be marketed on mobile advertising networks? i know what you’re gonna say, i just want to know your response.


Hi louie,

I will be honest, not 100% sure what you are asking.

This post is a follow up to the Mobile Monopoly trilogy I made:

… about creating my own mobile page squeeze generator.



David Henderson

Finally something useful for mobile marketing. I have seen many a course and webinar bestowing virtues on mobile marketing and could never see the value or profit other than sending people ringtones. lol
thanks Dave


Thanks Dave.

Any scenarios you see possible with a mobile squeeze page?

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