JVPlus Setup For ClickBank

Here’s how to setup Robert Plank’s JVPlus for use with ClickBank.



1) First thing you should do is buy it. The second thing is to upload all of the files to your website.


The files include jvplus.css, jvplus-config.php, jvplus-packer.php, jvplus-share.php and jvplus.php.



2) Next, you need to test it out to make sure it works on your PHP enabled web server.

Open a new text file and created a web page that links to some url, for instance, http://www.example.com. At the bottom of the text file, add the following line:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/jvplus/jvplus.php"></script>

Save the file as either index.html. index.htm, or index.php.




3) Upload the newly created index file to a directory on your server, in my case, you can visit my JVPlus subdirectory to see an example.

Here’s what it looks like.

JVPlus subdirectory

Fancy, huh?

If you were to put your mouse of the link, you should see that it goes to “http://www.example.com”.



4) Now add on a “?hop=yourname” at the end of the url. Something like this:

hop link

Click here for an example, http://www.davewooding.com/jvplus/?hop=dwooding



5) Put your mouse over the link now and notice the difference …

clikbank hop link

Everything should be working now – you should see your name show up in the url that you put your mouse over.



6) Time to do this for real.

Edit the jvplus-config.php file.

edit jvplus-config.php

Add in links to your AZ Limo phoenix clickbank products that look like these:

clickbank products

Save and close the jvplus-config.php file



7) Edit your index file.

edit index html file

Add links to your Clickbank product(s) that look like straight links (and not Clickbank hop links).

clickbank hop links



8) Save the index file and close it. Go back to the subdirectory and reload, here’s what my page looks like now.

jvplus subdirectory



9) Put your mouse over the newly added links and notice that the link goes through ClickBank’s hop link system.




10) Let people link to your subdirectory with you Clickbank products and have ALL your products use THEIR affiliate link, give them a link that looks like this

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