How To Create A Video Sitemap For Camtasia Videos

If you are a Camtasia user, creating a video sitemap is all about finding the video content location.

For Google’s video sitemap, there are a few required items. Most are easy to provide – location, title, description, thumbnail location and then there is … the video content location.

I’m a little bit leery of saying that there is exactly one way to find the video content location. The truth is different versions of Camtasia have different options for the video content location.

What Doesn’t Work

At least not consistently is – viewing the source and looking for the video content location (a file with a .sfw, .mp4, .mov extension).

Here’s the HTML source code for web page containing a Camtasia video made from version 4.0. There is no video content location shown in there.

And here’s the HTML source code for a web page containing a Camtasia video made from version 7.0.

For the version 7.0 page, you can actually get the location of the video content, for 4.0, you can not.

What Should You Do

Do what I do – login to your cPanel account, go to the filemanager, descend into the directory that contains the Camtasia video and look for the largest file. That is more than likely your video content location.

Yes, I know, kind of a screwy way to do it.

Take the url of the file and enter that into your Content Location and off you go.

Extra YouTube

I should probably mention this in a different post, but figured since you are already here …

You can also use the video sitemap generator with YouTube videos that you embed on your site.

Once again, the most challenging part of the whole operation is finding the video content location.

With YouTube, it’s a snap.

Simply visit the video on YouTube (not your site), find the “Embed” button, then copy/paste the code into the Video Content Location box and continue on.

There you have it, how to include your Camtasia videos and YouTube videos hosted on your site in a video sitemap.


Video Sitemap Generator

EasyVideoPlayer Google Video Sitemap Generator

How To Make A Google Video Sitemap



Hey dave can you possible make a video showing how to do everytihg from s3 to vidieo player up to putting the code into webmaster? a A to Z thing


Hi Jeff,


I can show you what I do A-Z. I use Screenflow (not Camtasia anymore) and also EasyVideoPlayer for my Amazon storage.

I’ll update once the video is complete.




thanks a lot Dave
that will help out having trouble wrapping my head aound this process for some reason

I think I have an S3 acct and an add on for firefox but i really have no clue how to put it all together

and you suggest I pay the 127 for the Easy video player?

again sorry to bother ya just confused
tks again



Don’t set me up like that – of course I want you to buy EVP through my affiliate link 🙂

Seriously, I would recommend getting the process down first (make a video, uploading it, creating a sitemap, etc), before plunking down some cash for EVP. Admittedly, EVP makes it much easier to manage you videos, track video completions, etc. But I won’t recommend spending the money until your can justify the use.

I’ll see about using the Firefox plugin and showing how to use that.



Hey Dave no worries when I get EVP your link s the one I’ll use I think I did set up the plugin you are talking about is it S3 Organizer? if so I think I have it working although every time i go it it says you must so something or another but I’m pretty sure I did all the right steps

on another note are you still planning on doing an A-Z videos on how to use this just need to see it to wrap my head around it, I’m sure after I do see it I will be like DUH so if you get around to it that would be great if it all makes sense, after I see it the EVP affiliate is all you, and I’ll pass it out to my list not huge but growing



Here you go,

Starts with uploading a Camtasia video to an Amazon S3 account using the Firefox S3 Organizer plugin, how to use the video sitemap generator, how to create a video sitemap file, and how to get the search engines to notice your new video sitemap.


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