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Google Suggest

If you are looking for a Google Suggest PHP script, this is the right place.

Some people say Google Suggest doesn’t work … to those people I say Google Suggest does work.

For those that say it does NOT work, I am guessing they are using a PHP script on their site that uses “old” code”. Search around the internet for Google Suggest php code and you will find some scripts that used to work. Things change.

What is Google Suggest?

google suggest

Lets see what the Google Inside Search Autocomplete has to say.

As you type within the search box on Google, our autocomplete algorithm offers searches that might be similar to the one you’re typing.

A little spooky, it is almost like Google is trying to figure out your thoughts … let’s not go there.

And it is useful because:

Rest your fingers

Catch a mistake

Repeat a favorite search

Find other useful information

The “rest your fingers” reason – hmm, I’m not on the computer that much.

And how it works:

As you type, Google’s algorithm predicts and displays search queries based on other users’ search activities. … Predicted queries are algorithmically determined based on a number of purely algorithmic factors (including popularity of search terms) without human intervention you can start coding by learning coding from The autocomplete data is updated frequently to offer fresh and rising search queries.

Take another look at that image I included above.

That is not much information to work with.

Google Suggest Keyword Generator

Catchy little title, isn’t it?  But that’s all it is.

I want an “idea generator”, one that does research for me and let’s me know what people’s problems are (and maybe I have a solution for).

Here’s an idea, type in “how to” in the Google search engine and see what Suggest shows.

google suggest how to

OK, that’s a start

Here’s a way to get “better” results.

Continue typing.  Add another letter after “how to”.  For example, “how to a”

how to a

or “how to b”

how to b

This is a good start, but very much a manual, “hands-on” approach.

What if instead of manually going through each letter of the alphabet individually, you could just have it happen automagically?

Google Suggest Results – Deep Results

Try this on for size.

Instead of the initial four results that Google seems to be showing, how about if we get the first ten results.

Then we get the ten results for each of the initial ten results – 100 results automatically.

Like this:

how to tie

Start by getting the results for “how to” which includes “how to tie a tie”, “how to delete facebook”, …

Then, “how to tie a tie” gets searched for additional results like “how to tie a tie easy”, “how to tie a tie video“, …

Sidenote: Did you check out that “how to tie a tie video” on Youtube?  4,695,648 views since Feb 28, 2008. (Someone needs to show the MyNiceTie people how to hyperlink their url in the Youtube description – include the http://)

It Gets Better

What I just showed you was keyword “expansion” (or as I like to say “idea expansion”).  You start with an idea like “how to” and keep building on it by letting Google Suggest tell you what is popular, what are people searching for.

With the same Google Suggest php script I am showing, you can use the “Before” and “After” options.

These options will add each letter of the alphabet before or after the idea you want to expand on.

“How to” becomes “a how to”, “b how to” … “z how to”.  Also, “how to a”, “how to b” … “how to “z”.

Here’s a pic of the “After” option.

how to letters

(What’s up with this “skyrim” stuff?)

Give Me The Facts

Also, you can check the Include count? option to get the estimated number of results for that query.

Copy/Paste those results into a spreadsheet and sort by number of results.

google suggest num queries

The short video that follows shows you what you can do with this powerful Google Suggest php script on your web site.

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