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Dear Mr Wooding, Sir,…
I’m a 51 year old Aussie pensioner, and,… whilst I have a better than less understanding of building websites, I must declare myself a novice with no claim to web building fame. I’m hoping your products and services may change that and let me take some action,..!! I’m terribly impressed at your video demonstration and I wish to try my hand at building Automated Bolgs, set and forget type sites to generate a few bucks each a day. (If you know how to do this will you teach me)…?
A) Please help me understand if the following is correct,…
1) Your fast landing page software will let me build an entire wordpress Autoblog,,.. Yes/No
2) Other than perhaps other plugins, will I require to use any other software to build said sites,..? Yes/No
3) Membership to your site is currently free,…. but what does that give me,..?
4) How much does the software cost,..?
5) Do you have other software which can help build said sites and will they be sold or given to me to use,..?
6) Will you provide excellent learning material (video tutorials) on using your software, and will you be available to help me through my initial trials and errors,…?
Victor in Townsville


Hi Victor,


To answer your questions:

1) Software will build a wordpress blog for you complete with recommended plugins. No, the blog is not setup to act as an autoblog.
2) If you wanted to use the FastLandingPages created blogs as autoblogs, yes, you would want to use additional plugins … something like WPRobot.
3) Membership is free – you have access to the wordpress builder and other page builders.
4) No cost to you.
5) At this time, I do not have any additional software that can build sites. I am working on a creating a script/software that generates video mobile squeeze pages
6) At FastLandingPages there is help files associated with each page builder and the wordpress builder that explain what to do.



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