EasyVideoPlayer Google Video Sitemap Generator

For those that use EasyVideoPlayer, here is a Google video sitemap generator specific to EVP.

Note: Remember, the first thing you do when you visit the Tool page is login using the email you signed up with. What email am I referring to? The email you used to signup to this mailing list. If you aren’t signed up – what are you waiting for – use the signup on the right hand side of this page to get access. No need to login, just click on the link for the Easy Video Player video sitemap generator

You provide the details about your video – location, thumbnail location, title, description and content location. What is specific about this sitemap generator is that is takes the EasyVideoPlayer code and returns the appropriate information.

Now instead of me telling you about this, let me show you how this works.



Hi Dave, the guys at EVP gave me a link to your site. Very pleased to see this. 1 Question… Would you put the generated code from your script of all my videos into the same video.xml file? Cheers, Charl


Hi Charl,

For ease of use, I would recommend putting in all of your videos into the same video.xml file.

You’ll need to enter each one, one at a time. Every time you click “Submit”, whatever is in the text boxes gets added.


Matt S Rinc

Hi, I was also reffered to your tool from EVP support. Do you require that content location (in video sitemap) has Amazon S3 link?

If not, do you automatically suggest S3 link if video is not residing in the same domain as website (and videositemap.xml file)?

I know that workarround is to install Easy Video Player to the same site – hopefully your generator then correctly puts content location parameter.


Hi Matt,

The content location does not require an Amazon S3 link. And I don’t necessarily suggest an S3 link if the video is not residing on same domain as the video sitemap page.

The video sitemap generator tool here has been designed to auto-detect the location from the EVP code (and EZS3 and Youtube). EVP suggests you use Amazon S3 versus hosting videos on your own site.

If you don’t provide a link in the EVP format that uses Amazon S3 for the video content location, then you will need to provide the exact url of the video content location, i.e. hxxp://www.example.com/video.mp4 or hxxp://www.example.com/video.mov or etc.

If you like, use the contact page to shoot me details about what you are doing and I can check that the video sitemap generator works with what you are interested in.




Hi Dave, I’m trying to access your awesome tool for EVP but can’t seem to get in even though I’m signed up and used the right email?

Is it down at the moment?




Hi Charl,

Should be working, I can access it directly from this link Easy Video Player Sitemap Generator (scroll to the bottom).

I killed the login idea – no need to do that to access the EVP video sitemap tool.

Let me know if you are still not able to access.




Awesome thanks Dave!


I have a question what do I put in the video location field if my video resides in the feature.php section with my flex squeeze WP theme?

This feature appears above every blog post so the same video appears on every post/url.



Good question.

I suggest that you not rotate anything through the feature.php section, provide the video sitemap with any page or post that has the video, submit the video sitemap.

Once Google has indexed your sitemap, then rotate additional items through the feature.php section.

Anyone else have a suggestion?



Will the sitemap generator work with video I uploaded to youtube? I want to include the youtube video in my wordpress blog and submit the sitemap to my google webmaster account.



Yes the video sitemap generator will work with video you upload to Youtube and embed on your site.

See here for instructions on how to use Youtube with the sitemap generator.




Hi Dave,

Firstly off, many thanks for making this tool freely available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.


At this time, I do have one question I’d like to put to you if you don’t mind.

Here it is…

Do I have to upload a “thumbnail” sized image to the images folder in order to include a image in any video.xml file that I create using this resource?

Just thought I’d ask.

Many thanks again



Hi Alan,

I don’t think you need to provide a thumbnail sized image. You do need to provide an image, but I think Google is smart enough to take care of resizing images.


Daniel W Prideaux

Hi Dan,

Login to your Easy Video Player 2 account, find the video (Your Files) you want to create the video sitemap for, click on the little magnifying glass (Get your code), and copy the “YOUR CODE” code (code begins and ends with “center” tags).

Paste that code into the Video Content Location (skip the Video Player Location section) here: http://www.davewooding.com/tools/?q=video#video

Fill in the other required fields, click Submit, then copy/paste the created code (“Copy and Paste this content into a .xml file, i.e – video.xml, on your site.”) into the video-sitemap.xml file on your site.

Let me know if you have other questions.



Daniel W Prideaux

Hi Dave,

Still having problems when I try to view the sitemap via the website: (xxx.pain1000.com/sitemap/).

I wonder if I understand what Location means… You indicate in the instructions that it is the page of the video location (in my case it is the home page xxx.pain1000.com , but when I look at your example I see something like this: hxxp://www.davewooding.com/Easy video player | that confuses me… what should it be, to clarify the question… thanks, and continue below:

Does this (xml content file) look right, Dave? When this is pasted into an xml editor, errors continue even after ftp-ing it to the proper location.

Which .xml editor do you use to paste it into an .xml file, or is there an easy way? Perhaps I’m making an error there as well.

I’d like to send you a screenshot, but this blog comment does not have an attachment capability… perhaps by email?



Hi Dan,

Sent you an email.

Regarding location. The location of interest is the Video Content Location, which is the code that you get from Easy Video Player. Not the location that the video is located at.

In your case, from your pain1000 site, the appropriate code is this (I modified the code so it wouldn’t get truncated):

For an xml editor … I just login to cPanel, File Manager and create a file called “video-sitemap.xml”, and edit the file from there. No need for a XML editor.




Hi Dave,
Great info. Thanks. Have you checked out Mark Dulisse’s GVS plugin? I bought it but having trouble getting it to work for EVP.
PS. I signed up for your list…looking forward to getting your ‘ideas’ in email.


Hi Anthony,


I do not have Mark’s plugin, so no comment.



Thanks Dave. I’m trying to cobble something together here. Mark is not offering much support. This is what he had to say about EVP and his software: But I got to tell you. EVP uses javacode, and Google has a harder time seeing it. It may be in the serps for a bit, but then it can disappear. It is a lot better using Object code, like the Flash Video Player plugin.

Is there a way you know of to do a simple fix for this issue so I can still use Mark’s software? It seems to work with Yahoo and MSN also so I want to try to keep it.


I guess I don’t understand.

From his networkonlinesecrets.com/affiliate-marketing/video-sitemap-for-easy-video-player/ site he is saying that GVS supports Easy Video Player???

“As the premier Video Sitemap on the market, I am pleased to announce that Google Video Sitemap now supports Easy Video Player embed code. Simply copy and paste EVP onto your blog, click ‘Regenerate” in the video sitemap settings, and your EVP video will be included onto the video sitemap, and more importantly, submitted to Google’s search engines for ranking.

After one week of coding, and another week of testing, I have been able to verify 100% that the video sitemap page generator plugin works with Easy Video Player.

Additional Features: you are also able to add 3rd party html pages with Easy Video Player code, and include it on the sitemap.

For full details of the features and benefits, see my official site at Google Video Sitemap.”

google video sitemapp easy video player


Yeah…well, this was his last response re the issue. And I don’t mean to drag you into this, but just thought you might have an idea on how to do a fix. I guess the issue is Java script. Here is Mark’s last message on help desk:

‘EVP uses Javacode. The GVS does support EVP, but you will find that Google is inconsistent in their indexing because of javacode. It is not a GVS issue but a Google issue with javacode.’



I don’t have any recommendations other than to add content to the page that has the Easy Video Player video.


Dude you are the man, I have been racking my head trying to figure this out for awhile. My pages are showing up in Google but I really wanted that site map for my EVP Videos. Thanks a Billion

David Stemper


I have EVP2 and I see how you make an video.xml for 1 video, what if you have multiply videos on the blog or website. How do you have 1 video.xml for all of them?


Hi David,

The video sitemap generator on this site will handle multiple videos … just keep adding all of your videos, hit submit after each one, when finished copy and paste the generated code from the top section.

David Stemper

Thanks man I appreciate this, you should make this into a wordpress plugin for the EVP crowd. Charge a fair price and make a few dollars. I would gladly pay you for it.


You’re very welcome.

Mark’ Wordpress plugin at Google Video Sitemap claims to handle EVP videos:

Able to add 3rd party pages to video sitemap, including SWFObject and Easy Video Player videos


Hi Dave,

since the current version of EVP now includes Video Site Map capabilities: does this mean your tool has lost its purpose?

Also, not trying to start a “war” here, just trying to get clear…

But here is some more intel from EVP CS and from Mark Dulisse from today (6/22/2011):

Mark Dulisse (who created a GoogleVideoSiteMap WP plugin) wrote me the following:

“EVP 2.0 and video sitemaps don’t even really work. Sure, I have support for it, but your video will show up in the serps for a couple days, then disappear. EVP 2.0 uses java and encrypts video file.
Funny, they have their own video sitemap, which they advertise, but theirs doesn’t work.”

Then EVP CS emailed me this:

“… Yeh Mark Dulisse for some reasons advertises that his sitemap feature works with EVP but it clearly does not and we have had many customers complain about this.
We do have a SiteMap feature within EVP and I can assure you that it works perfectly fine.”

And then Mark Dulisse responded to the above here:

“That is b.s.
Anyone can bring support to EVP for a sitemap. That is the easy part.
Let EVP give you proof in the search engines, that is another. And I’m talking about real proof. Not inconsistent proof. For example, 20 videos, and only 1 is in the search engines over a one month period, is not proof. That is actually proof that my testing is correct. Google has a hard time with EVP,and cannot find their videos.

Why do you think I made the Traffic Player? Because if you have 10 videos on your site, they will be in the search engines.

Ask them to show you proof in the search engines, that is the test.”


Hi Falk,

Given that EVP has built in sitemap capabilities, this does mean that the tool here has lost its purpose for EVP.

It still supports EZS3 and Youtube though.

We can start a “war”, I have no problems with that …

Mark’s own video sitemap here, hxxp://www.networkonlinesecrets.com/videositemap.xml (replace hxxp with http) has a few EVP videos on the first page of Google’s results, ex – hxxp://www.networkonlinesecrets.com/seo/wp-rss-optimizer-plugin-by-mark-dulisse/ is ranked #3 out of 13M for WP RSS Optimizer Plugin.


Based on the post page (28 July 2010), I’m speculating that the page has been ranked for awhile now.

UPDATE: Looks like I made a mistake – his page that has an EVP video, not the video itself, is ranked.


J Wilson

I use optimize press and EVP to protect my video from download but I do want the video to be crawled by Google for authority purposes, I was thinking about using a url shortener but figuring out the URL of the video is taxing me. In the code on the page it refers to:


I don’t suppose you know of a way to contruct the URL from this?

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