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Right now I am in the middle of building a system for using Adwords, one that includes tracking results on the keyword level as taught by Double Digit CTR.

And one thing I want to be able to do is instantly track any sales from Clickbank back to the keyword that generated the sale. I recently built a PHP script that logs all visitors, the keyword used to arrive at my site, the referring url, tracking id, I.P. address and date.

The key for tracking sales results is to include a tracking id, TID, with the destination (referring) url, something like this:

The information after the ? gets stripped off and dumped into a database.

Now I just need to compare that with the actual sales results and compare the sales results TID with what is in my log database.

… and I thought you might benefit.

If you are a Clickbank publisher or affiliate, and in particular if you have multiple accounts, then you might like this script I recently created.

It is a PHP script that you install on your site; there is no database involved, no storing personal information. If you know how to upload a file to your website, thats all you need.

very simple to use. Just type in your Clickbank username and password with a comma seperated each. If you have multiple accounts, then the username/password combinations are one per line. Just like this:


Choose the start and end date, click “Get Stats!”.

Almost right away you will be presented with a CSV (comma separated value) file that will easily open in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Office Excel.


There’s your stats.


You can see a short video on how in works and demo it at Salestator.

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