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BodyBuilder.Com in Boise

Ever heard of the site? Located in Boise, Idaho.  Where yours truly lives. has an Alexa rank of 737.  They get a ton of traffic every day.  To the tune of 300k uniques a day. They have over 400 content providers adding ~40 pieces of content every week.  That doesn’t include the content generated by the million plus active users who participate in one of the largest forums driven by VBulletin 4. Side note: Apparently, is one of the only “large” sites with a VBulletin forum that upgraded from version 3.x to version 4.x (even Disney decided to forgo the upgrade from version 3.8.4). Apparently, the people at know what the hell they are doing.

Tonight, They Put On A Technology Hour

At the Boise WaterCooler.  Kind of a recruiting / networking event. They were kind enough to share some stats, like:

  • Annual sales of $_____M per year
  • ____k orders per day
  • Sales are growing at a rate of ____% per year
  • Global orders are growing even faster at ____% per year

(sorry, not sure how public they want these numbers to be … on the other hand, if you are on my mailing list, I sent those numbers to you) Going forward, focus is going to be on mobile, personalization, trackers, gym finders, and a bigger, better Bodyspace. Want to know what I found the most interesting? They really haven’t done any A/B split testing. What?  Are you kidding me?  That’s exactly what they said during the presentation (and I confirmed with a employee after).  Lets just sit here and ponder how much higher their conversions might be if they do some serious A/B split testing. Anyway, that’s something they plan on improving in 2012.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this

BodyBuilding’s Mission Statement (this is what they started the presentation with).

We Help Our Visitors Reach Their Health, Fitness And Appearance Goals Through Information, Motivation, And Supplementation.

All in all, an interesting presentation from a dynamic local company that continues to grow at a double digit rate in spite of the economy. Rock on!



So Dave ….
Did you apply for a job!?!?
Maybe a consulting position? 🙂


Hehe … no, I think they are in good hands 🙂

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