Black Is Back

Notice anything wrong here?


So do I , so do I.

That image you see above has been “spoofed” – its a fake.

Sure, I took it from my account, then I threw a little javascript at it and manipulated the appearance. Makes you think I took the first half of the month off from promoting products, doesn’t it?

It better not.

Hopefully, you don’t fall for this type of hype that promises the moon … and delivers nothing but hot air.

That’s why I am pleased to say “Black is Back”

The Affiliate Black Book is available for purchase.

Like a breath of fresh air – if you want to get into the mind of a genius that shows you some killer strategies, then I suggest you purchase this now.

I’ll even “incentivize” you, I’ll provide access to one of my killer little scripts that makes it easy for your to increase your sales … and does so in “X” fashion.

Purchase the Affiliate Black Book through my link, hit the CONTACT page and let me know you purchased (let me know your receipt number) and I’ll give you access to this script.

Heck, even if you don’t purchase, lets have a little fun here.

The first person that replies in the comment section and knows EXACTLY what this script does will get access to the script regardless.

I’ll give you a little hint … most affiliate programs use these?

Lets see how the comments go, I’ll add hints as needed.

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