Checking Out Ranking Loophole

I bought Dave Kelly and Chris Rempel’s MSN Ranking Loophole, The Ultimate Search Engine Loophole.

I know from previous experience that what is delivered in the pdf manual works (or has worked), I’ll find out if it still works and specifically does it work on getting your site ranked near the top of MSN search results for competitive terms.

When I saw the work “linkubator” on the sales page I wondered if it does what “linktator” does. Yep, it does.

There is some intial setup (which I think is downplayed on the sales page) that needs to occur before you can start dropping one page mini sites into the system. But once it is setup in the way specified in the manual, then all that setup should pay off.

Of course, being the person that I am, there was no way I was going to set this up without automating as much as possible.

I ended up creating a suite of scripts that take care of a good portion of the work involved. I’m offering access to those Ranking LoopHole scripts as a bonus to anyone who buys through my affiliate link.

Even if you don’t buy through my affiliate link you can still access the scripts by paying a nominal fee.

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