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Dave WoodingI should start off with something witty. Instead, let me just show you a few pictures to hold yourself over with.

I had my youngest son take some pictures just outside the back door. He is the one that got me to pose like this.

So what do you want to know? Oh right, you can’t talk to me – don’t you just hate that about the internut. Having a two way conversation is challenging. With that said, if you have questions or just want to say “hi”, use the comment section or use my support desk. I get an email every time someone drops a comment.

Anywho, back to me. I live with my wife, two young boys, cat, and two dogs in Boise, Idaho. Been here for most of my kid’s lives. They were both born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My wife and my lifestyle BC (before children) wasn’t … shall we say, wasn’t what was best for our kids. So, we made the decision to pack up all our worldly belongings in the U-Haul truck and towed our Volkswagen Vanagon all the way from Taos New Mexico to Boise.

We drove into town on an unseasonable warm spring day, stopped at the local U-Haul place to drop off our belongings. Took about 2 hours to unpack, all the while the kids were getting dirty on the black top in the parking log, the cat was howling because the drugs we gave her were wearing off. Finally, with everything unloaded, I backed the van off the two wheel trailer, turned the key in the ignition, and the car wouldn’t start.

That was a low point. Here we were in a strange new town, no friends, no job, no money, two dirty hungry kids under the age of three, no place to go and apparently no transportation. I wanted to cry.

Like I said, that was the low point – it has only been better since then.

Fast forward to today and I find myself here on the internut typing about myself while sitting in our 2 story Boise north end home wearing a down jacket (because it is comfortable and not because it is cold inside).

What you will find here is a lot of me “giving”. Giving what I know best about in terms of being online.

If you are like me, this is probably the first page you visited. “Who is this guy, what’s he all about?” If you are at all interested in hearing what I have to say, click on something over on the right side of the page that gets you subscribed. That way, you’ll never have to miss any pearls of wisdom I decide to toss out.

– Dave


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